ShakerLoop guide for LOGIC

Here are detailed steps for the software LOGIC. The basic process in all sequencer programmes is always you have to import the loop to your session or the audio pool of your session, drop it to an audio track and adjust the tempo.

If you use Logic make sure that you work on a copy of the file and not the original file. Logic is editing the file on your harddisc. So if you stretch the tempo of your 80bpm shaker to 83bpm the original 80bpm file on the harddisc becomes then the file in 83bpm. To avoid that make sure that you copy the file you want to work on, rename the copied file and then you can edit it.

Once you did this here are the few steps you have to take in pictures.

Step One

Save your session as a project. Then go to the audio menu and click import audio.

Step Two

Import the chosen loop to an audio track and double click the file to open the wave editor (make sure the file is not locked before you import it).

Step Tree

Click Time and Pitch machine.

Step Four

Set the right settings in the time and pitch machine. Make sure you got the right original tempo and the right destination tempo. Click process and that´s it.

Step Five

Close the time and pitch machine and close the wave editor and you are back in your session with the loop adjusted to the grid of your session. Now you just have to repeat the loop.